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Alexander Professional Strategies

Meet Kandice Alexander

Kandice Alexander holds degrees and certifications from Missouri State University and Missouri College of Cosmetology.

After spending twelve years in the theatre, event coordinating, and fashion retail industries, she discovered her true calling was to help people on an individual level.

She parlayed her knowledge from these fields, as well as her love of business development and personal branding into a comprehensive consulting career.

Over the years she has helped recording artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders in philanthropy transform their businesses into a people attracting, money making asset.

My mission is to create the systems and organization for my clients that will free them from logistical limbo so they can finally do the work they are passionate about.

Thomas Alexander Kandice Alexander and Son

Meet Thomas Alexander

Having worked in both the corporate and small business arenas, Tom has over twenty years of experience in sales and team management.  He specializes in sales training and hiring techniques that will create your employee dream team.

After years of cultivating teams that range from 8 – 20 members, Tom has honed the unique skill of recognizing an individual’s strengths and can counsel you on how to get the best work out of them.

Along with his extensive human relations background, he also has a gift for vetting the key demographic for your business and curating content that will grab their attention amongst the online marketing noise.

When Tom and Kandice are not easing the work tension of their clients, they enjoy spending time with friends and family in their hometown of Springfield, MO, rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs, and raising their son, TJ.