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Alexander Professional Strategies

Can Your Potential Customers Find You Amongst the Online Noise?

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is still a very effective form of client acquisition; however, there is an art to it. Consistency is key yet many business owners do not have the time to master this art. Having a company dedicated to your email needs and consistently rolling it out will set you apart from your competition.

Facebook and Instagram Copy Writing and Posting

Like email campaigns consistency is key with social media awareness. At APS we also prefer to coordinate campaigns to your individual business needs, not the analytic formulas some believe you should adhere to. We work with your dream client’s habits and cultivate content that will speak just to them.

LinkedIn Curation

It is a common mistake to assume LinkedIn is just another content posting platform. LinkedIn is best used as an online networking vehicle. While posting content into your newsfeed is important it is more important to curate the right profile copy and connections community. This can take a lot of time that business owners do not want to spend. Let us split the work. We can give you tips on curating your profile to attract customers and even employees to your business. We can also monitor your connections to ensure you are partnering with the right referral partners that can keep your business growing for years to come.